City of Youngstown Probation

The Probation Department has a staff of six people under the direction of the chief probation officer. The department provides services to the court that include conducting competency evaluations, making referrals for mental health treatment, substance abuse treatment and SLIP (Suspended License Intervention Program, conducts pre-sentence investigations, monitors probationers, Electronic House Arrest orders and community service.
Through an agreement with Community Corrections Association Inc., the Court is referring eligible defendants to house arrest rather than imposing jail time, resulting in a savings to the city of more than $1 million when compared to the cost of incarceration, according to CCA.
If you have questions about probation report dates or related matters, call 742-8848.

Probation officers and their specialties:

David Magura - Chief of Probation

Wendy Maiorca-Probation Officer

Lou Denney-Probation Officer

Sherry Lewis-Probation Officer

Melinda Vath- Probation Officer

Chauncey Whitlow-Probation Officer

Aretha Dawson-Administrative Assistant

Rachel Wagner- Veteran's Court

Bette Patterson- Veteran's Court