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Youngstown Municipal Court Local Rules
Youngstown Municipal Court Local Rules
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2016 Annual Report YMC
2016 Annual Report YMC
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2016 Annual Report YMC
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The Youngstown Municipal Court act went into effect on January 1, 1914 and made provisions for two judges. In 1929, the act was amended and provisions were made for a court consisting of three judges. The criminal division was housed in the police station and the civil in the old town hall on West Federal Street.


Anthony B. Calvin 1904-1910
Herman Brandmiller 1910-1922
Michael B. Welsh 1914-1917
George H. Gessner 1917-1923
Joseph Hefferman 1923-1927
Thomas Jenkins 1921-1928
Peter B. Mulholland 1927-1947
Mark Moore 1929-1933
Harry C. Hoffman 1927-1941
Henry Beckenbauch 1933-1937
John J. Buckley 1937-1949
William A. Mason 1944-1945
Robert Nevin 1940-1959
Frank Anzelloti 1946-1951
John Powers 1949-1953
*was appointed 1937 until the next election a year later
Forrest Cavalier 1953-1959
Don Hanni 1959-1965
Martin P. Joyce 1959-1971
John Leskovansky 1961-1973
Joseph Donofrio 1965-1972
Leo Morley 1969-1989
Nicholas Manos 1969-1971
Lloyd Haynes 1972-1990
Frank Kryzan 1973-1987
Louis Levy 1985-1997
Andrew Polovischak 1989-2000
Patrick Kerrigan 1989-1998

Robert Douglas Jr. 1997-2012

Robert P. Milich 1998-2018


Elizabeth Kobly 2000-present

Carla J. Baldwin 2018-present

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